What Sporting Activities Can You Find at Hyde Park in London

Hyde Park is the most popular park in London and is visited by thousands of people every day, especially during the summer months. It is well known for Speaker’s Corner, which is a place where people can go to talk to crowds about any topic that they like, so long as what they are talking about is considered to be legal. As well as this, Hyde Park is also known for hosting free music concerts every now and then. However, what we are going to look at in this article is the different sports and leisure activities that you can do at Hyde Park.


Go for a Walk or a Run

If you go for a walk or a run down the streets of London then not only do you have to keep dodging people, you also have to breathe in car exhaust fumes and the like. However, you can solve this issue by heading over to Hyde Park and going for a walk or a run in among some lovely greenery, which is something that is not that common throughout London. Here you can find 315 acres that you will be able to walk or run through. Although there will be other people here, it will be nowhere near as crowded as the busy streets.

Play Football

Hyde Park has football pitches that you and your friends can play football on. However, if you would like to organize a game of football then you have to call up to book in advance. You do not have to pay any money to use the pitches, but you do have to book them. When you play football here please respect the pitch and the property that you are using so that it remains in good shape for those who are going to be using it after you.

Play Tennis

If tennis is more of your thing, then you will be glad to hear that six tennis courts at Hyde Park. If you would like to be coached, then there are tennis lessons available for children and adults. During the summer holidays, there are tennis camps that you can take your children to that they will thoroughly enjoy.


Play Some Golf

If you fancy a bit of golf, then there is a 9-hole golf course that you can entertain yourself with. The course is open in the spring and summer, depending on the weather. Considering English weather, you should not be too surprised if you find it shut more times than it is open. They are happy to allow kids to play as well. However, if you take your kid along with you, please always keep an eye on them.

Horse Riding

If you want to learn how to horse ride, then head on over to Hyde Park as there is horse riding area where you can learn. Once you are feeling confident, you will be taken on a horse ride down one of the designated horse riding routes.